Discover Your Male Ancestry

ETgIn the past decade Y chromosome analysis has made huge progress and allows experienced genealogists to decipher their ancestry far beyond the paper trails. The YSEQ DNA Origins Project is your partner for your DNA related research. Discover what great and interesting information is hidden in your Y-chromosome.

Service Philosophy Advantages
YSEQ provides SNP (single nucleotide poly- morphism) analysis on the human Y-chromosome. You may put a marker on the SNP wish list if you can’t find it in our Shop.
We constantly expand the paternal haplogroup tree with updated information about exact SNP positions. Our service includes STR (short tandem repeat) analysis as well. You have the choice between single markers and entire panels.
The main goal of the YSEQ DNA Origins Project is detailed knowledge about male ancestry. The YSEQ project serves as a platform for citizen scientists. Newly discovered SNPs will be added to YBrowse on ISOGG’s website and the results will be shared with the community of DNA genealogists. + No Subscription Fees
+ No DNA-extraction Costs
+ Single Markers & Panels
+ Custom designed Primers
+ SNP wish list
+ SNP discovery
+ Verification of new SNPs
+ Registration of new SNPs
+ Support of Citizen Science
+ Get raw sequencing data
+ Get other SNPs on same segment for FREE

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