Haplogroup Panels


T-P77 Panel T-P77 Panel LT $88.00 Buy Now
T-L131 Panel T-L131 Panel LT $88.00 Buy Now
T Superclade Panel T Superclade Panel LT $99.00 Buy Now
R2-M479 Panel R2-M479 Panel R2 $88.00 Buy Now
R1b-Z255 Panel R1b-Z255 Panel R1b $88.00 Buy Now
R1b-Z253 Panel incl. L1066 and L226 (Irish Type III) R1b-Z253 Panel incl. L1066 and L226 (Irish Type III) R1b $88.00 Buy Now
R1b-Z251 Panel (including 251-11EE subclades) R1b-Z251 Panel (including 251-11EE subclades) R1b $88.00 Buy Now
R1b-Z2103 Panel R1b-Z2103 Panel R1b $88.00 Buy Now
R1b-U152 Superclade Panel R1b-U152 Superclade Panel R1b $99.00 Buy Now
R1b-U106 Superclade Panel R1b-U106 Superclade Panel R1b $99.00 Buy Now
R1b-S1051 Panel R1b-S1051 Panel R1b $88.00 Buy Now
R1b-M343 Orientation Panel R1b-M343 Orientation Panel R1b $77.00 Buy Now
R1b-L513 Panel R1b-L513 Panel R1b $88.00 Buy Now
R1b-L48 Panel R1b-L48 Panel R1b $88.00 Buy Now
R1b-L21 Superclade Orientation Panel R1b-L21 Superclade Orientation Panel R1b $99.00 Buy Now
R1b-L1335 Scots Panel R1b-L1335 Scots Panel R1b $88.00 Buy Now
R1b-FGC5494 Panel R1b-FGC5494 Panel R1b $88.00 Buy Now
R1b-FGC11134 Panel (including CTS4466) R1b-FGC11134 Panel (including CTS4466) R1b $88.00 Buy Now
R1b-DF63 Panel R1b-DF63 Panel R1b $88.00 Buy Now
R1b-DF49 (including M222) North West Irish Panel R1b-DF49 (including M222) North West Irish Panel R1b $88.00 Buy Now
R1b-DF41 Panel (including Royal Stewart clades) R1b-DF41 Panel (including Royal Stewart clades) R1b $88.00 Buy Now
R1b-DF27 Panel R1b-DF27 Panel R1b $88.00 Buy Now
R1b-DF21 Panel R1b-DF21 Panel R1b $88.00 Buy Now
R1b-DF19 Panel R1b-DF19 Panel R1b $88.00 Buy Now
R1a-Z93 Panel R1a-Z93 Panel R1a $88.00 Buy Now
R1a-Z284 Panel R1a-Z284 Panel R1a $88.00 Buy Now
R1a-Z280 Panel R1a-Z280 Panel R1a $88.00 Buy Now
R1a-M458 Panel R1a-M458 Panel R1a $88.00 Buy Now
R1a-L664 Panel R1a-L664 Panel R1a $88.00 Buy Now
R1a Superclade Panel R1a Superclade Panel R1a $99.00 Buy Now
Q1b-L53 Panel Q1b-L53 Panel Q $88.00 Buy Now
Q1b-L275 Panel Q1b-L275 Panel Q $88.00 Buy Now
Q Superclade Panel Q Superclade Panel Q $99.00 Buy Now
O-M268 Panel O-M268 Panel O $88.00 Buy Now
O-F145 Panel O-F145 Panel O $88.00 Buy Now
O-F100 Panel O-F100 Panel O $88.00 Buy Now
O Superclade Panel O Superclade Panel O $99.00 Buy Now
N1a-Z1936 Panel N1a-Z1936 Panel N $88.00 Buy Now
N1a-VL29 Panel N1a-VL29 Panel N $88.00 Buy Now
N Superclade Panel N Superclade Panel N $99.00 Buy Now
MS-P397 Panel MS-P397 Panel M $88.00 Buy Now
L-M20 Panel L-M20 Panel L $88.00 Buy Now
J2b-M12 Panel J2b-M12 Panel J2 $88.00 Buy Now
J2a-PF5197 Panel J2a-PF5197 Panel J2 $88.00 Buy Now
J2a-M67 Panel J2a-M67 Panel J2 $88.00 Buy Now
J2a-L24 Panel J2a-L24 Panel J2 $88.00 Buy Now
J2-M172 Superclade Panel J2-M172 Superclade Panel J2 $99.00 Buy Now
J1-M267 Superclade Panel J1-M267 Superclade Panel J1 $99.00 Buy Now
I2a-M423 Panel I2a-M423 Panel I2 $88.00 Buy Now
I2a-M284 Panel I2a-M284 Panel I2 $88.00 Buy Now
I2a-CTS595 Panel I2a-CTS595 Panel I2 $88.00 Buy Now
I2a-CTS10100 Panel I2a-CTS10100 Panel I2 $88.00 Buy Now
I2 Superclade Panel I2 Superclade Panel I2 $99.00 Buy Now
I1-Z63 "Continental" Panel I1-Z63 "Continental" Panel I1 $88.00 Buy Now
I1-Z2539 (including L1302) Panel I1-Z2539 (including L1302) Panel I1 $88.00 Buy Now
I1-Z140 Panel I1-Z140 Panel I1 $88.00 Buy Now
I1-L22 (including P109) Panel I1-L22 (including P109) Panel I1 $88.00 Buy Now
I1 Superclade Panel I1 Superclade Panel I1 $99.00 Buy Now
H-M82 Panel H-M82 Panel H $88.00 Buy Now
H-L901 Panel H-L901 Panel H $88.00 Buy Now
G2a-Z6552 Panel G2a-Z6552 Panel G $88.00 Buy Now
G2a-L497 Panel G2a-L497 Panel G $88.00 Buy Now
G2a-L1259 Panel G2a-L1259 Panel G $88.00 Buy Now
G Superclade Panel G Superclade Panel G $99.00 Buy Now
E1b-Z834 Panel E1b-Z834 Panel E $88.00 Buy Now
E1b-V13 Panel E1b-V13 Panel E $88.00 Buy Now
E1b-V12 Panel E1b-V12 Panel E $88.00 Buy Now
E1b-U175 "Bantu Expansion" Panel E1b-U175 "Bantu Expansion" Panel E $88.00 Buy Now
E1b-M191 Panel E1b-M191 Panel E $88.00 Buy Now
E1b-L19 Panel E1b-L19 Panel E $88.00 Buy Now
E1a-M132 Panel E1a-M132 Panel E $88.00 Buy Now
E Superclade Panel E Superclade Panel E $99.00 Buy Now
D-M174 Panel D-M174 Panel D $88.00 Buy Now
C Superclade Panel C Superclade Panel C $99.00 Buy Now
B-M181 Panel B-M181 Panel B $88.00 Buy Now
*TOP* - Top-Level Orientation Panel *TOP* - Top-Level Orientation Panel $159.00
(Ships Free)
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