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1 x J2-Y12007 Autrata Panel
1 x I1 McBryde Family Panel
1 x R1b Sandy Duffy Clan Colla Panel
1 x J1 Amarna Panel
1 x R1b - 9919 Byrne Panel
1 x R1b-A212 McRaney Family Panel
1 x R1b-S603 OHare Panel
1 x R1b-A689 Panel
1 x Rb1 Pat Duffy Clan Colla Panel
1 x R1b-L1065 McAfee - McDuffee Panel
1 x R1b-BY4140 Owsley Panel
1 x R1b-Advanced McAfee - McDuffee Panel
1 x R1b-FGC5496 downstream
1 x R1a-YP4772 Sporzynski Family Panel
1 x R1b-A11786 CF02 Cooley Segregation Panel
1 x R1b-S1051 Mid-Argyll Ancient SNP Panel
1 x R1b-FGC5494-z450611
1 x R1a-VK02 Segregation Panel
1 x I2-Y161783 Panel
1 x R1b-S1051 - S1050A4 type
1 x J2a-Y20306 Segregation Panel
1 x R1b-FGC17464 panel
1 x R1b Saxon Rutherford's
1 x E1b Bjelopavlići Clan Panel
1 x J1-FGC48136 Shawahnet El Aqiq Panel
1 x E1b-Z17107 Panel
1 x R1b-FGC13604 King
1 x I1-L338 Hamilton Group Panel
1 x I1 VA-A THORNTON Family Panel v5
1 x I2a-PH908_Y81557 Vekić (Vekich) Dalmatia Panel
1 x R1b-FGC13324 downstream
1 x R1b-Y34280 Hatcher Family Panel II
1 x R1b-S1051 Mid Argyll Dal Riata Panel
1 x R1b-PF1169 panel
1 x R1b-L371 Group Panel A
1 x R1b-A6104 Morris Segregation Panel
1 x R1b-FGC5496-A1A
1 x I1-Z2541-S2268 subclade panel
1 x R1b-FGC22538 Panel
1 x R1b Inman Segregation Panel
1 x R1b-FGC5494 > FGC19329
1 x R1a-BY30743 Segregation Panel
1 x R1b Worrall Family Panel
1 x J2a-Y20307* Stirnimann Clan Segregation Panel
1 x J2-BY268-Kessler Panel
1 x R1b-Z16330 downstream panel
1 x R1b-L135 Panel