YSEQ-STR Complete
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YSEQ-STR Complete
You may order YSEQ’s Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta panels at the same time and save.

The panels include the following markers:
α) DYS391, DYS389I, DYS437, DYS439, DYS389II, DYS438, DYS426, DYS393, YCAII, DYS390, DYS385, Y-GATA-H4, DYS388, DYS447, DYS19, and DYS392.

β) DYS458, DYS455, DYS454, DYS464, DYS448, DYS449, DYS456, DYS576, CDY, DYS460, DYS459, DYS570, DYS607, and DYS442.

Ɣ) DYS728, DYS723, DYS711, DYR76, DYR33, DYS727, DYR157, DYS713, DYS531, DYS578, DYF395, DYS590, DYS537, DYS641, DYS472, DYF406, DYS511, DYS557, DYS490, DYS446, DYS481, DYS413, DYS534, DYS450, DYS425, DYS594, DYS444, DYS520, DYS436, DYS565, DYS572, DYS617, DYS568, DYS487, DYS640 and DYS492.

δ) DYR112, DYS518, DYS614, DYS626, DYS644, DYS684, DYS710, DYS485, DYS632, DYS495, DYS540, DYS714, DYS716, DYS717, DYS505, DYS556, DYS549, DYS589, DYS522, DYS494, DYS533, DYS636, DYS575, DYS638, DYS462, DYS452, DYS445, Y-GATA-A10, DYS463, DYS441, Y-GGAAT-1B07, DYS525, DYS712, DYS593, DYS650, DYS532, DYS715, DYS504, DYS513, DYS561, DYS552, DYS726, DYS635, DYS587, DYS643, DYS497, DYS510, DYS434, DYS461, and DYS435.


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