R1b Worrall Family Panel
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R1b Worrall Family Panel
This yDNA panel is meant for men with the Worrall surname as well as variants, such as Worrell. The SNPs tested for in this panel have been found in Worrall men. The goal of this panel is to help trace the paternal lineage of Worrall people from England and other countries.

The panel contains the following 23 SNPs:

BY79362 9589450 G to C
BY144100 21088802 T to A
BY106488 14150438 T to G
BY127633 17131792 G to T
BY119045 15883922 G to A
BY145053 21241644 C to T
BY128717 17283094 T to C
BY131137 19051067 T to A
BY127633 17131792 G to T
BY33347 12287697 T to C
BY33348 13719767 G to T
BY33354 16112176 G to C
BY18825 14705030 C to T
BY22057 12382944 G to A
BY121489 16270355 A to G
FGC69862 12225351 G to A
BY138926 20391358 C to A
Z30474 22224533 A to T
BY154533 15910071 C to A
PH2358 14449265 G to A
BY166192 7901481 C to A
BY116836 15597397 G to A
Y38209 8446211 A to G

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1 x R1b-PF1169 panel
1 x R1b-L371 Group Panel A
1 x R1b Rox2 Hickey Segregation Panel
1 x R1b-FGC5496-A1A
1 x R1b-F1265 downstream segregation panel
1 x J2a-L271 Segregation Panel
1 x R1a-FGC2555 Hollister Panel
1 x I2 Lješnjani-Vojinići Panel
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1 x R1b-L135 Panel
1 x R1b-L644 BASSETT Panel
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1 x R1b-FGC5494 > FGC19329
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1 x E1b-L1019 Goodrich Immigrant Ancestor Panel
1 x R1b Worrall Family Panel (10 SNP Variant)
1 x R1b-A725 Ross Panel
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