I1 Superclade Panel

I1 Superclade Panel
This panel is recommended for persons who tested I1-M253+ before or who have a clear prediction for this haplogroup. With this DNA test we start with 4 key SNPs

Z58 / S244

and then we work down the branches iteratively until we have found your position on the given tree.
This panel includes the following downstream panels in the price:
I1-L22 Panel
I1-Z2539 (including L1302) Panel
I1-Z140 Panel
I1-Z63 "Continental" Panel

The test is completed when the unique phylogenetic position on the tree has been determined.

See this tree diagram to understand the groupings in this panel:

I1-M253 Tree

This panel covers the following branches:
M253, A9606, A8286, A8792, A9178, CTS6397, PH803 / Y9413, A8158, A8162, Y33718, Z17937, A9651, S2315, A8762, A9225, A9724, A9726, A9737, S2320 / Z17944, A8097, DF111, A8086, DF29 / S438, S10066, A5724, FGC15560, FGC15546, FGC15537, Y11205, A14406, Y24471, Y24473, Y14628, Y16449, Y16530, Y18798, Y18808, Y11252, FGC24022 / Y11251, A11298, FGC31815, FGC24034, FGC24008, Y18697, S19653, Y7916, Y11140, Y10633, A11280, A11286, Y10637, Y18311, A11282, A11289, A5644, CTS9889, A5647, A5634, A10097, A10903, A10917, A14570, Z63, Z2336 / CTS6364, S4795, A394, A400, Y15021, Y11887, Y31056, Y15019, Y15020, Y19080, A8585, A8582, A5338, A5339, Y17611, FGC35955, Y17610, Y24625, Y17607, Y17605, Y19662, Y22009, Y22010, S4767, S10778, Y97993, Y97485, Y101851, S4759, S4770, Y13495, Y13013, Y16044, Y15947, M227, Y19809, Y19808, Y7925, Y22923, S7642, FGC23267, Y17933, Y17937, Y24818, FGC29197 / Y15016, S19291, Y6348, Y100827, Y6341, Y18103, Y113470, Y52957, Y15543, Y16809, A17801, A17798, A17246, A17238, Y128044, Y6339, Y22508, Y22496, Y22501, Y11264, Y12044, Y32636, Y12045, Y21999, Z2337 / CTS10028, A8182, A8194, Y99457, Y99128, Y16814, JN38, Y13056 / FGC10477, Y21502, Y20851, FGC10445, FGC41710 / Y19055, FGC41725, FGC10470, Y23357, FGC10448, FGC10446, L22 / S142, Z58 / S244, Z59, Y128077, Z62, A14608, S337 / Z60, A9105, A11393, FGC23806 / Y12342, A1914 / Y12903, S19098, A6174, A11052, A9243, A9237, A6178, A6182, A6228, PH4989, PH902, FGC23827, FGC23810, FGC33077, FGC39892, FGC23815, Z2539 / CTS7362 / S4713, Z140, Z2041, Z2040, L1450 / Y3560, FGC69701, FGC12752, A480, A14080, BY206800, BY37216, A482, L1452, FGC12744 / Y3562, L1451, FGC12743, FGC12751, FGC12753, YFS2850818, Z382, Y2170, Z2042, PH86 / Y9159, A14749, A18665, Y39244, BY34619, FT133537, BY1487 / Y7929, Y18237, Y5384, Y29656, Y5388, Y6092, Y6165, Y19608, A9373, A9374, Y15694, Y29641, S26361, Y15002, S22349, Y21486, FGC24357, YP5417, Z138, PF1610, S5619, FGC19383, A6849, A7332, FGC3459, FGC3467, S2293, S6277, Y15902, A12065, BY756 / Y15575, A13361, A6549 / Y16450, A6780, Y16456, Y16452, A6546, A6756, A14738, CTS9745, A6568, A14623, A16956, S6270, S9940, S20289, A6397, S6402, A6471, BY1254 / Y8431, Y11211, Z2541, A11261, A13929, S2268, A6581, S19185, S21320, S20030, A11162, A6809, A14142, A6738, Y21388, S18311, Y8341, Y20301, Y8342, Y15596, Y7057, Y15479, Y7041, A6987, A6969, A6693, PH4482

Last update 2020-08-27


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