G Superclade Panel

G Superclade Panel
This is a 2 round panel that pinpoints the terminal SNP below G-M201. This panel is suggested when you have tested M201+ or if you have a clear prediction for this haplogroup according to your Y-STR results.

In the first round 4 important SNPs will be tested to find out the main category:

Then we work down the branches iteratively until we have found your position on the given tree.
This panel includes the following downstream panels in the price:
G2a-L1259 Panel
G2a-L497 Panel
G2a-Z6552 Panel

The test is completed when the unique phylogenetic position on the tree has been determined.

See this tree diagram to understand the groupings in this panel:

Branches covered by this panel:
M201, M342, L830, Z17874, Z18606, Z30744, F4297, GG313, GG198, GG162, GG265, Z3353, GG362/Z3189, Z26334, L1324, L201, L1323, BY1445/GG057/Y12756, L1412, Y14916, L79 (replacing P287), M3155, FGC3023, Z8022, M377, M3119, M283, BY775/FGC32402/Y12976, FGC32413/Y14600, FGC32409/Y14601, FGC32397, FGC35913/Y15861/Z35318, Y16169/Z37831, FGC35915/Y15862/Z35608, P15, L1259, L497, Z6552

YSEQ reserves the right to replace not working SNPs against phylo-equivalent alternatives if necessary.

Launched 2017-08-27

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