R1b-DF27 Panel

R1b-DF27 Panel
This is a 2 round panel that pinpoints the terminal SNP below DF27. This panel is suggested when you have tested DF27+ or if you have a clear prediction for this haplogroup according to your Y-STR results.

In the first round 8 important SNPs will be tested to find out the main category:

Then we work down the branches iteratively until we have found your position on the given tree.

The test is completed when the unique phylogenetic position on the tree has been determined.

See this tree diagram to understand the groupings in this panel:

DF27 Tree

Branches covered by this panel:
P312, DF27, Z196 / S355, Z296, Z209 / S230, CTS9050, PH312, Y11217, FGC23353, FGC28375, S21184, S19290, Y17144, Y17145, A13044, FGC13557, A7066, FGC43324, Z295, A8344, A13051, S1220, CTS4065 / Z2355, S16864, A5000, A5362, A5376, FGC15710, CTS10029, FGC29721, FGC29729, FGC29757, CTS4183, FGC15730, FGC15731, FGC15726, FGC23184, FGC23181, FGC32182, A5001, Y17459, A8256, FGC34881, Z216, Z278, A4679, Z697,  FGC17318, Z214, Z279, CTS7870, CTS8087, CTS11473, Z29694, Z29684, M153, CTS7359, CTS8412, Y9072, A13063, DF17 / S455, A4659, FGC14113, FGC14126, FGC14124, S1041, FGC14115, S228 / Z198(replacing L176.2), L165 / S68, Y5114, Y5131, Y17560, Y5135, Y5108, FGC29987, S6338, S11121, S11475, FGC39110, M3920, A477, Z262, SRY2627, Z205, CTS8289, Z207, CTS9762, CTS4299, FGC11245, A7080, FGC11255, Y15646, CTS4549, A7415, CTS606, Y7733, Z2571, CTS11567, DF84, Y8407 / FGC11369, A12539 / BY21578, BY30716, FGC11414, Y17787, A16155, A18557, A17692, F1343 / S225 / Z225, Z222, Z704, Z2543, CTS416, BY15279, BY15278, BY14120, A17714, CTS717, BY15285, A17717, Y22894, Y22890, Y29935, Y30858, Y16018, A17720, Y24584, Y31405, Y31717, Y31721, Y12470, Y34187, CTS9952, FGC30962, FGC36688, FGC20764, Y31384, FGC20767, Y17760, Y17446, A11390, Y17445, FGC20761, A10928, FGC20759, A15722 / Y31658, FGC20765, FGC20755, A9700, FGC20816, FGC20819, Y23273, FGC20820, A9510, Y19740, A9509, A10500, A10503, S1327, S1333, A11366, A11752, S4234, Y20154, Z1899, A14368, BY22335, CTS1643, Y4865, Y4868, A431, A434, A433, Y7364, Y15641, Y18292, FGC30918, A10760, Z2560, DF83, Z2563, Z2567, Y15926, Z2564, Z2573, Z29624, CTS1090, A6104, A6266, FGC32106, FGC13109, FGC13140, FGC13122, FGC13149, FGC39929, FGC39932, Y20347, Y5058, Y5065, PF727, PH5187, Z25950, A13134, L617, FGC14951, FGC31068, Z37492, PH2047, A7014, DF81, Z2556, YP4295, A6458, Y17098, BY653, A4670, A6137, A11632, Y17221, BY11967, DF79, Y14468, A2146, PH133, Y6951, Y6949, FGC17112, FGC17114, CTS5885, Y14084, BY1058, L881, A7385, A7384, A7380, PF6551, FGC23071, S9355, FGC23074, FGC23079, M11668, S6218, S6219

Last update 2017-12-07


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