FASTQ Mapping to hg38
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We're providing a mapping service for FastQ files from 3rd party NGS data to hg38. We'll provide a hg38 BAM file and VCF files for the mtDNA and the Y chromosome*. We'll call all Y-SNPs* from Ybrowse and identify the novel Y-SNPs*, assign A names and register them in the YBrowse database. The manual analysis includes exact haplogroup assignment (mtDNA & Y*) and a verified mtDNA FASTA file. The autosomal hg38 VCF file contains just the differences to the reference sequence.

Optionally we can extract the FastQ data from a BAM file in any other reference mapping format, but there is no warranty that all FastQ reads can be recovered if the unmapped reads are removed or low quality reads have been clipped.

Please provide us with the information how we can access / download your FastQ files in the comment field.

To transfer the large sequencing data files you have several options:

1.) You download the files on your computer, store them on a micro SD card and mail them to YSEQ.

2.) You download the files on your computer and upload them to a location where you can give us download access (e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox, Filemail etc.). Note that the files are big and free online accounts may not be big enough for all FastQ files that we need).

3.) We could configure a simple upload interface for you so that you can upload your files to our server. This is often problematic if you have a normal residential internet access because upload speeds are often slow and have frequent interruptions. In case you are familiar with ssh and rsync, this would be another option.

4.) You could give us access to your Third Party Company's account so that we download the files directly from them. We recommend to change the password before- and after this transaction.

(*) Y chromosome analysis for male persons only
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