R1b-L48 Panel

R1b-L48 Panel
L48 is the largest sub-group below R1b-U106.

With this DNA test we start with 5 key SNPs:
and then we work down the branches iteratively until we have found your position on the given tree.

The test is completed when the unique phylogenetic position on the tree has been determined.

See this tree diagram to understand the groupings in this panel:

L48 Tree

The following markers are currently covered by this panel:
L48 / S162, A6704, BY12508, S21809, S17242, A14296, A6703, L693, A14293, CTS3104, BY18067, A14294, BY18091, BY18060, BY18056, S5918, S11182, FGC17276, FGC17279, A6705, A2425, S23189, S4415/CTS8234, S10271, A6706, A2426, S19342, S18372, BY12197, L200, A11431, S9355, S5681, S21607, Y17450, A5321, A766, A765, A1234, A5356, PF4934, L47 / S170, L44/S171, BY13042, L163/S352, FGC56363, FGC56359, FGC6198, FGC6204, Y17243, FGC6225, Y23482, FGC29470, Y62897, A6714, A14297, L46 / S172, S1924 (equiv. to L45), Y136112, S1936, BY16524, L493, A14298, FGC10248, L292, FGC10249, FGC10247, FGC30619, Z159, S8368, FGC15335, BY9034, FGC15332, A9870, A1142, FGC15333, S9257/Z4714, S1260, CTS6353/S3886, S3251, FGC17296, Y20090, FGC17308, FGC17297, FGC17302, Z17913, PH4355, A14300, FGC33315, S6934, FGC8604, FGC8590, FGC52101, FGC8579, FGC8601, FGC13260, FGC8573, A689, S21495, FGC8587, FGC8563, S20039, CTS9369, A6715, S20742, CTS13009.2, BY3311, CTS3553, Z9/S268, S22294, S4103, Z30/S271, BY11424, A585, Z27, A14357, Z345, BY3319, BY11425/FGC51511, FGC51507, Z2/S511, S22165, Y17999, Y23826, S15510, Y7369, S20654, Y7403, FGC48632, FGC48621, S16218, S20054, S9342, PF5143, PH765, Y22365, PH1842, Y29940, Y29941, CTS9539, FGC15468, Y31374, A14358, FGC41789, FGC41770, Y22860, Y22859, Z7/S272, FGC17354, FGC17345, Y28576, A14360, YFS2081411, FGC924, A6389, BY3318, BY3323, A8151, A9456, A9451, A10298, CTS6365/S3591, Z38460, FGC17429, S6898, FGC17417, A294, A14361, A295, FGC35562, FGC35559, A6886, Y10793, FGC918, FGC934, A6896, FGC928/A12143, FGC921, FGC17852, FGC925, FGC920, Z8/S515, BY13828, S24411, S11610, BY18851 (equiv. to S20422), BY18852, FGC5264, FGC5254, FGC5253, FGC1967, FGC45154, BY13827, FGC45158, S12035, FGC47387, S9565, S26379, FGC17517 (replacing S3510), A14362, S794, Z11/S274, S1774, A14365, PF889/M10044, S16701, Y19921, Y19922, Z12/S385, A5616, A14366, CTS10742, A574, FGC12057, Z383, FGC29367, L148/S173, S18890, S7297, CTS4569, FGC12058, A687, FGC12059, Z344/S514, FGC29397, A300/FGC15573, A5890, A5893, A5897, A299, Z6/S276, BY13881, A96/FGC10292, S10415, BY13824, FGC10293, A9703, S18951, S16949, S3262/CTS6428, A2321, A6904, Z346/S512, S5628/DF101, S12477, S5239/DF102, A6906, Y20367, S5245, Y8604, BY13969, Z27210, FGC12993, FGC17174, A321, S5627, S5246, FGC15254, FGC15256, FGC35613, Z343/S387, CTS3791/S3297, BY13790, BY13794, FGC36939, S22194, FGC11780, S6881, FGC42045, A11376, A11378, A15056, A19322 / FGC75109, A11377, A11379, A8050, BY143661, BY94351, BY62030, BY11971, BY16171, BY16169, Y36416, CTS5601 / S3933, FGC17039, FGC17040, S1355, S20321/FGC4150, S3331, BY105611, CTS7080/S3334, FGC4152, FGC4161, FGC4146, S3337, BY27834, CTS7678/S3935, Y23209, Y23212, Y15893, Y15631, Y15633, BY121, BY120, BY119, BY118, BY118038, Z331/S1743, FGC12346, FGC12326, A6910, A10233, A10235, FGC49708, FGC56616, Z330/S505, Z326, A5017, BY3728, BY3729, S7780, Z8168, BY4305, A5012, A5002, A5870, S3980, S3571, A6537, CTS7411, A5592, A5588, A5587, A5019, FGC34929, S27466, FGC18842, S21728, A656, A655, Y67920, BY5719, FGC18850, FGC3946, Y20961, BY20441, BY27310, Y21405, BY20670, PF740, BY3326, A312, A14350, BY3324, Z8172 (replacing Z319/S1741), CTS2509, S20145, BY556, PH139, PH854, FGC13492, BY138397, FGC13486, FGC13484, FGC15321, FGC15315, FGC23788, A2269, FGC363, Z81/S381, Z84/S508, Z82, A2273, A10283, PH2593, Y132016, PH1822, PH2310, A14765, BY16540, FGC564, S11906, S10817, A5816, FGC19972, FGC19973, S1732, S1758, BY41723, S3199/CTS9, Z5054, A17378, FGC539, L188, FGC550

Last update 2019-09-09


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