R1b-A6104 Morris Segregation Panel
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R1b-A6104 Morris Segregation Panel
This segregation panel is recommended for haplogroup R1b-A6104 persons who are confirmed or predicted to have a connection to the Morris family.

The panel contains the following 30 SNPs:

23013627 C A A6104
9407778 T C A6266
24427512 C G A6288
8399030 G A A7088
14296030 C T FGC32104
14455187 C A FGC32105
14486802 A T FGC32106
14998514 C T FGC32107
15364113 C T FGC32108
15746560 C A FGC32109
15910386 T A FGC32110
17102893 A G FGC32111
17674889 T C FGC32112
2806793 A G FGC32094
2810636 G A FGC32095
2886614 C A FGC32096
7796067 A T FGC32097
7825794 A G FGC32098 / Y18001
7975724 C A FGC32099
8184489 C T FGC32100
8262336 G A FGC32101
18872732 A C FGC32113
19313560 A G FGC32114
21824964 G A FGC32115
22932564 C T FGC32117
23064225 C T FGC32118
23164896 A T FGC32119
23524628 C G FGC32120
23954298 A G FGC32121
18404076 G A S20941

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