R1b-L1335 Scots Panel

R1b-L1335 Scots Panel
This panel was designed to crosscheck all common SNPs downstream from L1335. This is the improved 2 step version.

In the first round 3 important SNPs will be tested to find out the main category:

In the second round the testing splits up depending on the results from round 1.

The test is completed when the unique phylogenetic position on the tree has been determined.

See this tree diagram to understand the groupings in this panel:

The panel covers the following branches:
L1335, A858, BY33024, FGC15565, BY20833, BY62303, BY156842, A23988, L1065, FGC32556, FGC10125, FGC10117, A5919, PH367, Z16330, FGC51751, Z16331, A1543, A1541, Z17619, Z16325, BY3143, S744, S764, FGC23770 (replacing BY65), L743, A861, Z17614, BY3144, A718, FGC18441, FGC18447, FGC18451, S7364, FGC32994, Z17613, Z17612, FGC17603, FGC19785, FGC19782, BY150, BY3137, S756, S760, FGC32449, A33, A30, BY155, BY154, FGC45280, Y16252, S9767, A7367, FGC28987, A11187, S691, S695, A5291, S701, S690, A9358, FGC19633, FGC32575, FGC32580, FGC46881, A9880, A9012, A17517, A10738, A11370, A13598, A6091, A10843, A10652, A10654, A9019, A9017, A9016, FGC9572, A6932, A9864, S7361, A14492, S3679, S7362, A850, A11188, A854, CTS4554, BY3134, A9868/BY11752, A9355, S6198, F144, Y17075, A1141, A9869, Y23840, PF5236, Z17615, A2297, CTS4931, A953, A2120, A5309, A5310, A5911, Y15478, A9863, Y23191

YSEQ reserves the right to replace not working SNPs against phylo-equivalent alternatives if necessary.

Last update: 2019-12-01
(Launch date 2014-10-22)

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