R1b-DF13 REVERSE Panel
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R1b-DF13 REVERSE Panel
Important! This panel doesn't test your own DNA. It tests the DNA from volunteers of all available distinct DF13 branches for a marker of your choice. This is useful if you want to crosscheck a new SNP that is found in an NGS test with all other branches downstream R1b-DF13 (and one DF63 sample as the out-group control), for example if you need a proof for inclusion of this marker to the ISOGG tree.

Please enter the marker of your choice in the comment field at checkout. If the marker is not registered at Ybrowse yet, please give us the ChrY position and the base change. At completely new markers we recommend to Wish a SNP first, so that we can verify if the SNP is testable at all.

The current reference samples are listed in the following table:
Volunteer YSEQ ID Representing Branch Terminal known SNP
1597 CTS1751
1223 CTS3386
230 DF21 FGC3903
462 DF41 A40, MC04, MC01
1073 DF49 DF104
298 DF63 DF63
173 FGC11134 FGC11134
6 FGC5496 FGC5538, FGC5524
169 L1335 CTS1172, CTS6838, CTS7030, FGC10125
26 L371 L371
170 L513 L705, ZW02, ZW04
1 L526 L526, L1406, L1408
374 MC14 MC14
1140 S1026
977 S1051
109 S16264 L679
231 Z16500 MC02
428 Z16502
297 Z251 FGC13899
903 Z253 CTS4314
172 Z255 Z255, L159.2

The results of these tests will be displayed in YSEQ Group 64 (DF13 Reverse Panel Results Group).

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