I1 VA-A THORNTON Family Panel v5

I1 VA-A THORNTON Family Panel v5
This panel is recommended for haplogroup I1-P109 persons who are confirmed or predicted to have a connection to the VA-A THORNTON family.

It contains the following SNPs:

S7660 (ChrY:22802502) A->G
FGC14515 (ChrY:22802772) G->T
FGC14508/Y3663 (ChrY:18386339) A->G
FGC23559 (ChrY:18789449) C->T
FGC23560/Y6220 (ChrY:20809967) T->A
FGC22112/YP1012 (ChrY:15798741) G->A
FGC17110/Y6213 (ChrY:14374809) G->A
FGC23547/Y6214 (ChrY:18606812) G->A
FGC23548/Y6215 (ChrY:22871173) A->T
FGC23549/Y6216 (ChrY:23154419) T->C
A7626 (ChrY:8089217) A->G
A7627 (ChrY:14141777) G->A
A7628 (ChrY:14282060) G->A
FGC43220 / Y19678 (ChrY:18195349) G->C
FGC35955 (ChrY:8750232) A->G
FGC35957 (ChrY:15756207) C->T
FGC35958 (ChrY:17409530) G->C
FGC35959 (ChrY:21858901) A->G
Y34377 (ChrY:21784673) G->T
Y33772 (ChrY:21784678) A->T

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