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Date Added: Monday 14 May, 2018

by William STEWART

Written May 14, 2018 by Stewart #143035.

The SNPs for which both 783534 and I (143035) tested positive according to our Big Y tests results are displayed in the yellow column of the BY11989 - (minus / upper) part of Cousin Desdieriu's S781 phylogenetic tree at .

Men who test positive for SNP A8323 belong to the same branch of the descendants of Sir John Stewart of Bonkyll as 783534 and 143035. This $18 test is now available at because I requested that YSEQ order primers for it. I shall request that YSEQ create a test for SNP A8322 if it is needed.

783534's 2nd great grandfather Andrew STEWART (born 1857) married Ann FOLAN and lived in Strabane, Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland. Any of his Stewart cousins who still live in Strabane will test positive for SNP A8323, and may help us to add more interesting pieces to our puzzle, e.g., by helping us to locate the farm where Andrew's parents lived.

143035's fourth great grandparents Rose WHITE (daughter of Ann Garner & John WHITE, born ~1720) and James STEWART (~1740 - Oct. 2, 1829) sailed to Charleston, South Carolina from Belfast (about 75 miles east of Strabane) aboard the Earl of Donegal on October 2, 1767 and settled on a 150 acre Royal Land Grant located where Stover Creek crosses the Fairfield and Chester County line. See .

FTDNA's royal Stewart projects at YSEQ and at offer FREE $18 YSEQ TESTS FOR SNP S310 to European volunteers who have the surname Stewart.

We used to have to pay FTDNA over $100 for the same test because FTDNA will not sell it's ~$40 test for SNP S310 to any customer who has not had at least a $59 Y-12 test.

About 25% of the Europeans who have the surname Stewart test positive for SNP S310 so we used to have to pay FTDNA over $400 (about four times what YSEQ charges us) in order to find one European descendant of the first hereditary High Steward of Scotland.

We would have had to pay about $1000 to find one descendant of Sir John STEWART of Bonkyll, since only about 40% of those who test positive for SNP S310 also test positive for SNP S781. See .

I thank FTDNA for writing: "Our Data Assurance team has informed me that the test results for kit number 783534 are correct and did not find any signs of an error on Marker DYS570."

No other member of FTDNA's royal Stewart project has DYS570 = 12. Any royal Stewart who has DYS570 = 12 probably belongs to 783534's branch (not to 143035's) of the "R-A5021" branch of the descendants of Sir John STEWART of Bonkyll.

Whether one of 783534's most distant male patrilineal Stewart cousins has "DYS570 = 12" or not, his test results will help us to determine when and in exactly whom the unique "DYS570 = 12" STR mutation first occurred.

All three STR tested members of our branch have the off modal STR value of DYS459=9-9 so I suspect that ALL of the descendants of our common patrilineal ancestor will also have DYS459=9-9.

94608 has DYS459=9-9 too so he may be another member of our "R-A5021" branch of the descendants of Sir John STEWART of Bonkyll. He belongs to the "Probably an Ancient Stewart. Suggest upgrade to 67 markers . . . " group of FTDNA's non-royal Stewart project at .

94608 does not belong to FTDNA's project for the descendants of the first hereditary High Steward of Scotland at so he may not care whether or not "John M. Stewart b:6/11/1774 SC d:5/13/18 GA" belongs to our branch. If 94608 wants to know he can submit a sample of his DNA to YSEQ and accept my offer to pay YSEQ $18 for each of the following SNP tests:

SNP S310 at to confirm that he descends from Alan fitz Flaad (born ~1078).

SNP S781 at to determine whether or not he descends from Sir John STEWART of Bonkyll.

SNP A8323 at to determine whether or not he descends from 783534 and my (143035) branch of the descendants of Sir John STEWART of Bonkyll.

I can help 94608 to interpret the results of these $18 SNP tests if he sends me a copy of the results that he receives from YSEQ.

Sincerely, STEWART #143035

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