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This project is to establish the validity of the hypothesis that the R1b-DF104 clade is, or at least contains, the Dál Cuinn - descendents of Conn Cétchathach, or Conn of the Hundred Battles. From the Irish annals, he was a High King of Ireland who lived circa 125 A.D. From him descend many of the important medieval dynasties of the northern half of Ireland, which was known as the Leath Cuinn, or the Half of Conn. Two of the most well known Dál Cuinn dynastic groups are the Teóra Connachta and the Uí Néill. The Teóra Connachta were composed of the Uí Briúin, the Uí Fiachrach, and the Uí Ailello. There is an associated Genelach Dáil Cuinn website [] and forum [] that interested people are encouraged to join as well.

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